FLYLEAF releases a new EP called “Remember To Live” next Tuesday (December 7) and it’s likely to be the band’s last record for a while. Singer Lacey Mosley Sturm is expecting her first child in 2011 and told The Pulse Of Radio she plans to take things slow for a while. “What’s cool about getting pregnant is that I feel like my priorities in my life are gonna change and life is gonna be a little bit more stable, I think, in a way that I can put boundaries around how much work demands of me, you know,” she laughed. “Definitely gonna try to not plan too much until the baby comes, and then we won’t plan to do anything at least until October.”

Sturm and her husband Joshua are expecting the baby, a boy, early next year. The couple were married two years ago.

Sturm told The Pulse Of Radio that the baby will be named Joshua Lewis, after her husband and her favorite writer, “Chronicles Of Narnia” author C.S. Lewis.

“Remember To Live” will feature new recordings of seven rare FLYLEAF tracks that fans have requested over the years, including “Justice Mercy”, “Believe In Dreams” and “Amy Says”.

FLYLEAF will release another song, called “How He Loves”, separately in the same week that the EP comes out.

Lacey also recently collaborated with Australian singer Orianthi on her new song “Courage”.

FLYLEAF has just one date on its schedule for the rest of 2010, at a radio festival in West Palm Beach, Florida on December 4.