Steve Perry Won't Be Reuniting With Journey

by Ultimate Classic Rock | February 6th, 2014


It appears that a latest turn of rumors per Steve Perry rejoining Journey are untrue. The band’s government has denied that any such communication has taken place between a dual camps.

Over during, Andrew J. McNeice writes, “I can 100 percent endorse there has been no business/reunion communication between a camps, and while everybody is on good terms, with no issues, there are no skeleton for any kind of reunion or attempts to work together in a foreseeable future. As Journey government settled to me today, ‘No reunion skeleton . . . all is good in a Journey stay . . . big tour in a U.S. this summer — Journey/Steve Miller and Tower of Power.’”

Earlier this week, in response to nonetheless another doubt about a probability of him rejoining Journey, Perry said, “It’s tough. I’m doing my best in that area, and we can usually do so much.”

McNeice suggests that Perry’s matter “is fundamentally a respectful answer to a doubt he is always going to be asked. And examination him contend it on video gives it improved context than a quote in text. . . . But don’t get too excited, folks. My source states that any hype is only prohibited air.”

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